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The clean look is the new & improved ‘no-makeup makeup look.’ Having this look makes you appear to be “that girl.” The girl that always shows up put together and ready to take on her day. I’m sure every woman aspires to be her. Want to know how to achieve the ‘clean’ look? Follow these key steps below :


Zendaya is the person you should look to for her stunning signature clean glowly look. 

  1. Hygiene: Having good hygiene is an excellent start to attaining that 'clean' look. This involves taking a shower while exfoliating skin and knowing what's best for your body. After taking a nice exfoliating shower, you need to moisturize your skin with a skin-revitalizing lotion. After cleansing and nourishing your body, apply a perfume that smells pleasant. Your scent is also crucial in achieving the 'clean' look.

  2. Skincare: Skincare is also important for hygiene. It would be best to find a skincare routine appropriate for your skin type. A good cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and niacinamide are essential in a skincare routine. You need products that will make your face shine and glow to give it that dewy look. (Tip: Use silk pillow sheets instead of cotton or polyester fabrics. Cotton on pimple-prone skin can cause more breakouts and sops up the natural oils on your face. Also, make a habit of changing pillowcases every week!)

  3. Hair: Having well-groomed hair is another ideal part of the look. When coming out of the shower, make sure you avoid cotton towels to dry your hair. Instead, opt for microfiber towels! Once hair is damp, add moisturizing products to the hair. To dry your hair entirely, you can either blowdry or airdry your hair, depending on what you prefer.

  4. Makeup: When it comes to makeup, minimal makeup is the way to go. To start, you need a glowy, dewy base. Apply concealer under eyes and other desired areas. Concealer will help brighten the face and give you a glow. Using a liquid bronzer will add color and that sunkissed skin. Mascara will accentuate and flatter your eyes. Brushing your eyebrows and keeping them in place with soap-brow or eyebrow gel is also flattering. You may also use other products such as lip gloss, blush, eyeliner, etc., depending on what suits your face.

  5. Outfit: An outfit is usually the biggest eye-catcher. Whether it's a casual sweat set or a formal blazered fit, the fitting of the clothing is very important. Everyone has their uniquely beautiful body shape. Identifying your body shape and wearing clothing that accentuates and flatters your body shape is a huge life changer.

  6. Jewelry: Gold jewelry is the most popular for the 'clean' look. Wearing bold earrings, rings, and pearled or gold necklaces can make your outfit pop. Jewelry is so important in achieving the look. (You can also wear silver, depending on what you like and prefer.)

  7. Nails Groomed: Whether you prefer acrylic nails or painting your natural nails, having groomed nails contributes a lot to the clean look. Even layering your nails with clear nail polish can amplify your look.




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