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Our Current Fashion Era

I've recently become aware of a fashion pattern that keeps repeating itself. Consider the following timeline. There is always a time where the colors and patterns come out to play. For example, the cow print was a huge trend and contributed a lot to the fun color/design era. There was the endless heart design that was trending (and still is). These popular design are seen in clothing, phone/desktop wallpapers, phone cases, jewerly, hats, etc. Then, in fashion, we go back to the basics and the necessities. Such as neutral colors, leather, glossy looks. We're living in the simple/elegant era right now. Personally, I prefer the simple beautiful appearance because it is always a safe bet. A well fitting pant (either black or beige) with a black squared neck body suit and white shoes is my current favorite ensemble. A leather jacket and gold jewelry complete the look for me. What's your go-to look right now? Do you like the current trends? Let me know what you think of the latest 2022 lookbooks! :)

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